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1. I agree to abide by the rules of conduct, behavior, dress code, equipment usage, and use of services that are displayed within this Gym and that have been provided to me. 
2. I agree that the membership fees are not refundable, and I agree and understand that nonusage Of the gym does not allow early termination of this agreement nor does it warrant a refund of any type. I also agree to understand that nonusage of the gym does not affect any payment terms and conditions of this agreement and that Brave Fitness is in no way responsible for my level of usage of the gym and I understand that it is not the responsibility of Brave Fitness to notify me of my nonusage. 
3. I Understand that I can place my membership on Time Hold with an additional fee of Rs 1,500/- I understand that Time Hold is for a minimum period of 2 weeks and a maximum of 3 months for standard annual memberships in each year and that each year commences on the anniversary of the joining date stated on this form. Requests for temporary Time Hold must be done in person at the member's home club by completing a 'Brave Fitness Time Hold Form'.
4. If choose, I transfer membership to another person Who will fulfill the minimum membership term as Set out in this agreement with an additional fee of Rs 2500.
5. Brave Fitness may at their discretion block access to any Brave Fitness gym or terminate any membership agreement without notice for any non-compliance of this agreement or any behavior or action that they deem inappropriate. 
6. Facilities and services without prior notice. Any such changes Will does not affect the terms of my membership agreement. 
7. I understand members are not permitted to leave children unattended in area of the at any time, and that Brave Fitness accepts no responsibility for children either bought into the gym or left in the gym by a parent or guardian. 
8. I fully understand am solely responsible for any damage which I may cause to, Brave Fitness, its facilities, services, products, or equipment, if such damage is caused by my wilful act and/or negligence. 
9. I agree and recognize that I have read the New Member Information document. I fully understand and agree to abide by all the terms, conditions, policies, and instructions contained within.
10. At Brave Fitness we take your privacy seriously. We do not pass your information onto any other business. If you do not wish to receive an email, SMS, or mail correspondence from us regarding your membership, special offers, promotions, or your health then please send us an email or letter confirming that you wish to unsubscribe from such methods of communication. 
11. I am aware that personal access card is not refundable and if lost a new card must be purchased from the home gym location for Rs. 1000/-.
12. I fully understand and accept that open lockers rack are provided for my use as an additional service and that Brave Fitness is not responsible for any loss or damage to my property when using the gym or the lockers, including; mobile phone, wallet, headphone, bag or other. 
13. I understand that I am not permitted to change the music or volume of music in the gym and that Brave Fitness retains full control over this system Which managed remotely by its IT Team.
14. Building allotted Parking is subject to availability; members are required to follow building as well as traffic rules for Parking. Brave Fitness is not responsible for any damage or tow of your personal vehicle. 


These terms and conditions relating to the operation and function of Brave Fitness as well as its  Franchisees, subsidiaries, affiliates, and associated companies (Brave Fitness) regardless of their location in the world.

Any terms or conditions that create an inconsistency with any legislation are considered void to the extent of the inconsistency.

This agreement applies to all customers who make a purchase either in a Brave Fitness gym or via a Brave Fitness website, or any website that has Brave Fitness products on it and refers to these terms and conditions, or any other avenue that Brave Fitness uses for retail purposes provided the other avenue refers to these terms and conditions.


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1. Consult your physician or other health care professional before starting Personal Training sessions to determine if it is right for your needs. Do not start a Personal Training and/or nutrition program if your physician or health care provider advises against it.
2. The results, if any, from Personal Training and/or nutrition programs may vary from person to person. Further, engaging in any Exercise, Fitness, Personal Training, or Nutrition program involves risks of injury. If you choose to follow any of Brave Fitness’s Personal Training programs or nutrition recommendations, you acknowledge this and agree not to hold Brave Fitness, or any other persons associated with Brave Fitness responsible for any injuries or damages you may incur
3. We believe that for most people, following our Personal Training programmers and methods will lead to their desired results, all exercise programs depend on the individual. Results will be affected by the effort and commitment of the individual, however, in some circumstances even where an individual follows our program, they may not achieve the desired results. We, therefore, provide no warranties of any kind, express or implied.
4. Any Personal Plan will have been prepared based on information provided by you. You are responsible for the accuracy of any information that you provide to us. You are responsible for informing us of any health issues or medical conditions when asking us to prepare a Personal Plan.
5. The personal training sessions will expire as the numbers of sessions (i.e. 12 Sessions / Month) are over or the validity is over, whichever is earlier.
6. Personal Training is optional, and its fees are over and above the gym fees. Personal training sessions will be valid only till the gym membership is valid. Member needs to renew his/her membership to avail rest of personal training session.
7. The personal training form must be filled and signed by the client at the start of every session. 
8. Member must inform 24 hr. in advance if the session must be canceled or rescheduled. 
9. Each personal training will last for 1 hr. even if the client arrives late the session will be finished at its stipulated time.
10. In case of the absence of your personal trainer, the client can request the manager to assign a stand-by trainer of the same level for a few sessions. These sessions will be counted as personal training sessions.
11. In case the personal trainer assigned to you leaves the job or is not able to attend your training Brave Fitness will assign you a new trainer of the same level for the remaining sessions.
12. There is no refund or transfer policy for personal training.

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